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Invitation to my Book Presentation

My dear friends, this is to formally invite you to the public presentation of my new book, 'FROM FRYING PAN TO FIRE: How African migrants

What A Season!

The 2011/2012 season of the English premiership ended last Sunday and I wait to read the account of our own dear ‘Prophet’ Mi

The Forbidden City

Hardly had I introduced myself when the man seated by my side, a Lebanese, remarked: “It’s like Christians and Muslims are st

Must We Talk?

Love Nigeria or leave her. That was the message in a Federal Ministry of Information car sticker in the eighties which I found rather off

Against the Run of Play…

Retail Outlets

The Craze of Dubai Weddings

While many of our idle rich people have for long stopped celebrating their birthdays in Nigeria, preferring to transport their friends an

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